I could try…

Row, Row, Row your boat

  • Row, Row, Row your boat, sitting, acting out the actions.
  • Sing alternative verses:
    • if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream.
    • throw your leader overboard, and listen to her/him scream.
  • Have the children sitting in a line one behind the other, rowing together, using rhythm sticks as oars (enables children to move in time to the beat easily, by seeing, hearing and feeling the activity).
  • Row, Row, Row your boat books – Books that have fun alternate verses. Sing the book, doing the actions to the different verses. Remember to use your high, soft voice.
  • Sitting around a parachute, singing the song, rowing forwards and backwards holding the edge of the parachute.
  • Children sitting on top of a fabric tunnel, or sheet, holding the edges. They sing the song rocking from side to side. At the end of the song, children rock over the edge falling out of the boat.
  • Use a puppet/finger puppet crocodile to snap at children, allow them to take turns being the crocodile.
  • Where possible all ideas will be acknowledged.