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Kindergym is lots of fun for all involved - children, parents / caregivers and coaches.

Children learn through play and kindergym provides a rich environment which stimulates brain development through motor functions like climbing, rolling, jumping, hanging and swinging, throwing, kicking and crawling.

Opportunities during these early years set the foundations for all future learning and life-long active lifestyles.

Create a stimulating Kindergym program for all children 0-5 years old, regardless of ability or location.

  • Mobile Kindergym program working with parents, children and early childhood educators.
  • Vibrant and inspiring staff.
  • Specialist Kindergym equipment.
  • Novel equipment and props specifically degsigned by the Kindergym Victoria prop designers.
  • Our music is presented from a Kodaly music perspective.
  • We are a mobile Kindergym and we can come to you or attend at a venue located near you.

Kindergym provides opportunities

All children need as many opportunities as possible to optimise brain development and increase physical potential before they go to school.

Clumsiness or a lack of physical skill could simply mean lack of practice. KinderGym provides a save environment for children to develop physical skills in a fun and playful way at they own rate. KinderGym channels energy appropriately into creative processes and encourages children to decide how to use the equipment experiences provided. Children often attempt activities after watching other children in action. They feel safe and happy showing their parents what they can do, building confidence as they go.

Opportunities to move also help to enhance brain development. For example, visual tracking used when throwing and catching helps develop key movement skills, plus assists in training the muscles that control the eyes, strengthening them in preparation to read and write.