Kindergym Victoria has a wide range of services and a varied client base within the community.



KinderGym lessons are planned with children’s age and stage of development in mind and generally last between 45 minutes to and hour. As children begin to master physical skills, concentration, and comprehensions develops, the KinderGym coach will offer more guided discovery and direct teaching experiences in group time and on equipment.

During group time, children and parents are involved in activities such as moving to the music, working with rhythm and using hands apparatus, all designed to enhance the new skill that is being introduced during the lesson.


KinderGym equipment varies from club to club. However all KinderGym clubs will provide a variety of large equipment like climbing frames, planks, ladders, tunnels, balancing stones, rockers… the list goes on! Small items such as hoops, beanbags, balls and targets, will also be used to work on the development of fine motor skills, throwing, catching and kicking.